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Adding prefix to tables with Zend_Db

I was working on my ZFPress project which is a clone of WordPress but in Zend Framework. And one of the features was to add a prefix to the tables. So i looked around but couldnt find any real solution to this. This is what i came up with.

What you would do is extending your tables with the abstract class and use them as you would normally. It’ll then automatically add your prefix from your app.ini if it exists.

Install wordpress from bash

From day to day i spend a lot of time installing basic things like wordpress, drupal, zend framework and so on. To make it easier for my self i created some scripts that’ll do exactly that for me. This one will install wordpress in your current directory from a selected source. Ill post the rest of my tools later as they need some tweaking.

apc and wordpress

Strange, ive been having problems with my wordpress installation not wanting to load the dashboard. It now seems like this is because of APC. Ive tweaked my settings to make everything run smoother by setting apc.include_once_override=1 but this seems to break more than speed up things. By setting this back to 0 i was able to remove the problem


I’ve been looking for a great way to post to my blog from my desktop. I now think i’ve found the greatest app of them all. Its called Blogo and its developed by a company called Drink Brainjuice – really weird name for a company… It integrates great with the mac desktop. Great choice if your looking for something like this. Its a bit pricy though. 25$ for an app that posts? At least it does it really well