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html5 video players

html5 is getting closer and closer every day. And with html5 comes the amazing video tag! As for now only Chrome and Safari are supporting the tag (would have been nice to have in the newly firefox 3.6 release!). Even though the lack of support, the big video sites youtube and vimeo are creating awesome html5 players. Youtube have had a player for a couple of months now at http://www.youtube.com/html5 and Vimeo just rolled out theirs globally.

I love Vimeos take on this. Instead of creating a separate page with the player they made it an option for people using Chrome or Safari to use it. Great way of getting response on the player. Its still in heavily beta but it runs quite smooth.

Best thing about this? It doesnt make my fans spin on my Macbook Pro! Thank you html5, i love you <3