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At Verk we are “forced” to use systems like Drupal. Drupal is like a bad “Your-Mom” joke. Really funny at the beginning but horrible degrading at the end. Along comes great companies like Development Seed who makes it all less painful. And DevSeed, i love you! Though I personally think its horrible companies like Development Seed makes it a lot less painful.

The newest addition to the great products from DevSeed is Smallcore, which still has a long way to go but the right turn!

The newest addition to the greatness is the support of Smallcore. As Matt pointed out i got it wrong. Smallcore is not a product but simply moving Drupal in a better direction.

If i had to give it my 5 cents it would be,

Generic API, also for contrib modules!
Stuff like simple generic methods like insert, update, delete, fetch, fetchall and so on. Generic ways to interact with modules and core.

Seems logic at this point? If building something new like this, why not make it scale better and easier to extend using OOP!

Rules of development
If this is suppose to succeed we have to have rules when contributing to the core. Same goes for contrib modules. Maybe create a batch or something like it that can be given to modules if they follow the rules? The star system is great and all but still some quality control would be great

Dont force me to use Drupal HTML
A general complaint in the community is the hole theming deal. If only i could toggle a switch and be able to pull data from a controller(MVC) like system. Something like Mustache would be great

Im really hoping for the best since we are using a great deal of Drupal in our daily work


I created a little splash page for verk….

I created a little splash page for verk.dk while we are moving sites back and fourth between servers. Also we have a new webpage coming up soon with all new content and such. Cant wait to see how it’ll end up.

Till then i give you the splash page!

I did all the code in javascript. The source can be found here. The illustrations was made in illustrator with a quick and smooth brush

Added some background and changed a few images here and there. Tweaked a few javascript things.