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Trigger setInterval immediately

Its probably common knowledge that you can do this, but I didn’t know that you could. This is a great way to trigger a function at the beginning of a `setInterval`. As you might know `setInterval` triggers after the given millisecond. So what this does it that it triggers it self at the beginning and returns it self as a function to `setInterval`.

I created a little splash page for verk….

I created a little splash page for verk.dk while we are moving sites back and fourth between servers. Also we have a new webpage coming up soon with all new content and such. Cant wait to see how it’ll end up.

Till then i give you the splash page!

I did all the code in javascript. The source can be found here. The illustrations was made in illustrator with a quick and smooth brush

Added some background and changed a few images here and there. Tweaked a few javascript things.