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Git extras

If you, like me, hate deleting branches by doing `git push origin :branchname` and `git branch -D branchname to delete a branch. Try out git extras by visionmedia. Its a set of great extras for git that makes some of the more trivial tasks way easier.

You can download the source here `http://github.com/visionmedia/git-extras`
–¬†or use brew to install it via `brew install git-extras`

Alternative to MacPorts, homebrew

If you’ve ever needed a 3th party app like `wget` or anything like it you should probably take a look at homebrew. Its fast and slick and bound to git. It has all the great features we know from `apt` or `macports`. What more could we ask for?

Some of the things ive used it for the last couple of days is installing and playing with [nginx](http://nginx.org/) which is an awesome tiny webserver that has a brilliant json like syntax for vhosts.