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Sparkup is a great plugin for writing html in `Vim` and `Textmate`. You use a special syntax and hit `ctrl+e` and presto, HTML all over the place.

Get the code right here


I just noticed that sparkup wasnt modified for the last year or so. Another attempt on the same syntax is Zen Coding which you can get at http://code.google.com/p/zen-coding/

Password confirmation using Zend Form and Validators

A while back i needed a password confirmation field for my users. I looked and found this neat little snippet. I cant remember who created it originally so i cant give credits to the person but its quite easy to use. Just add this to your library and create a new validator object like this.

This would be in your form where you want to have password confirmation.

On ZF’s Data Models

Michelangelo van Dam wrote a great post on Zend Frameworks data models. A lot of great pointers on how to create referencemaps between models without using any complex ORMs. The data mapper approach is a lot of work but it gives you a lot of great flexibility in the long run. Take a look at http://www.dragonbe.com/2010/01/zend-framework-data-models.html

Install wordpress from bash

From day to day i spend a lot of time installing basic things like wordpress, drupal, zend framework and so on. To make it easier for my self i created some scripts that’ll do exactly that for me. This one will install wordpress in your current directory from a selected source. Ill post the rest of my tools later as they need some tweaking.