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Install wordpress from bash

From day to day i spend a lot of time installing basic things like wordpress, drupal, zend framework and so on. To make it easier for my self i created some scripts that’ll do exactly that for me. This one will install wordpress in your current directory from a selected source. Ill post the rest of my tools later as they need some tweaking.

Force select in bash case statement

This is probably common knowledge but i keep forgetting it so. If you’ve ever wanted to force a user to select an option you might have have noticed that a user can select anything they want in a select statement. A way to get around this is by converting your options in a function and then use the *) to fire the same function again.


Ive created a bunch of nifty small bash scripts to do quick and dirty tasks for me when im in shell world. You can grap a copy of it right here and put them on your server or whatever.

importdb/exportdb = imports or exports a sql file to a database
deletesvn = removes all .svn folders from your current directory recursive
createrepo/deleterepo = creates and deletes a repository and setup a project structure with trunk, branch, and tags