Breakpoint 2010

I wish i was there! Just watched the two top runners from this year. I must say that we have come a long way since the old days. Amazing stuff from both Fairlight(en) and Farbrausch(de).

Fairlight ran with the first place with this amazing particle based demo with awesome music. Take a look

Farbrausch had to take the second place with this great demo fr-043:rove. Too bad they couldnt have two first places. This is truly an amazing demo as well!

I gotta make room in the schedule for next years party!

Password confirmation using Zend Form and Validators

A while back i needed a password confirmation field for my users. I looked and found this neat little snippet. I cant remember who created it originally so i cant give credits to the person but its quite easy to use. Just add this to your library and create a new validator object like this.

This would be in your form where you want to have password confirmation.

I Kill Giants

I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly and Jm Ken Niimura is so awesome. I got the first issue about 2 years ago and read it through very quickly. I was hooked! -Unfortunately i was unable to get the rest of the issues here in Denmark so i had to wait for a collection. Now its finally here and ive read the hole thing in about a day. Its 6 issues together with some behind the book stuff.

If you can get this one please do so! Its fantastic. Its about this girl who gets picked on at school. She doesnt have many friends and play DnD where she is the dungeon master. As the title says, she kills giants!