A new hope

Getting over a breakup is never easy. Specially when your life isnt
exactly what you’ve hoped for. That’s pretty much the situation I was
in. Burned out at work and nothing to look forward to. It’s hard to see
the great things in life in such situations.

A month ago I started my new job at [Duckling](http://duckling.dk)&[Sonne](http://sonne.dk), the sister company for [M2Film](http://m2film.dk). The start was hard since i wasnt really my self. But I found a pretty good rhythm and stuck with it. Got up two hours before work started. Took a long bath and tried to comedown and collect my thoughts. Then a good 30 minutes meditating and blanking out my mind. Then a bit of tvshows while eating breakfest. It takes a about 20 minutes for me to bike to work, and then our great coffee guy Sam makes an amazing strong coffee.

The new job has been amazing. All the guys at work have been so sweet
helpful. We have played a bunch of Street Fighter 4 and been drinking a
lot of beers after work. I never knew how important it was to have a
culture at work that supported getting away from the screen. Not just
that but having an overhead is a big stress release. Nobody looking over
your neck and checking every little detail you do. This is a big
motivator especially for me. And also just the fact that the company is
stable. Not be involved or knowing things about the economics in the
company makes you feel more safe.

People are happy here. No need to feel that you have to up your game all
the time. It’s a very relaxed place.

Im getting there.

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