Ive got a Kindle!

Scott Pilgrim on the Kindle

Scott Pilgrim on the Kindle

I bought my self a Kindle. Mainly because I wanted to pickup reading more and also because i wanted a device i could read some of my comics on. Its a nifty little device with a bunch of great content. The Amazon Kindle book shop is a great place to shop. They even have a service that allows you to send content, and then they convert it to a format the Kindle reads.

If you want to play with the convertion your self you should give Calibre a try. It allows you to convert most formats into a format thats readable by the Kindle.

While the Kindle supports a lot of formats it doesnt support cbr/cbz and epub. It does support pdf but its a really poor experience. Its a real shame since most of my books are in pdf or epub. All my comics are in cbr/cbz which is just rar/zip files. Its possible to open up those and tweak the size with an image editor but pdf is a hole other story.

What ive found is that pdf’s default font size is way smaller than the Kindles default font. There for the font will be around 9 pt which isnt readable at all. What you can do is copy the text into a format like HTML and then convert that. It’ll give you better control of the font size.

Another great way of reading on the Kindle is by using something like Instapaper. If you use the service already you’ll be happy to know that they’ll let you insert your kindle email address and then send you a collection of the latest 5 bookmarks you’ve added. You can tell it to send you a file once a week or every day. Also the amount of content can be increased.

Thats all ive found for now. Cant wait to play with it even more!

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  1. Giorgio Sironi

    I chosen a Bebook Neo over the Kindle, which is more costly but has wireless and touch screen… And most importantly, read Pdf and Epub out of the box, with the option of magnifying the font size.

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