Stylesheet abstraction

Chris Eppstein hit me up on twitter telling me about his post on Stylesheet abstraction. Its a great read if you havnt read it already!

On that note i just wanted to agree on tools like Compass are awesome. Ive worked a bunch with LessCSS and also Compass in its early days but never got the hang around it. I was too annoyed with the compiling of css and the way of doing things never compelled me. I still believe that you can write awesome and readable css code without using tools like Compass and LessCSS. Though they make it easier for you, they also add another layer on something very simple. A quick change is never a quick change anymore.

Despite that i still find Compass very compelling and i will sure play with it on my next project! I specially love the utilities and the grid integration with and Blueprint If you want to have a look at Compass you should watch the 1 hour long screencast Chris did. Super great stuff! Thanks Chris

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