So ive moved my entire website and all m…

So ive moved my entire website and all my minor projects to a new fancy vps. Its provided by slicehost which is awesome! From start till finish was about 5 minutes. How fast is that! – just wow…

In my setup i ran into a problem with apt, yes im a Debian when it comes to servers.

So i wanted to setup a new environment with PHP5.3 and MySQL5.1. Since Lenny (latest stable release of Debian) is way behind, as usual, i checked out dotdeb. They provide the latest and greatest in Debian packages, and yes also a PHP .deb pack. So i added the repository but apt wouldnt fetch the php5.3 package. After a few tries with taking out lines from sources.list i tried another apt tool, aptitude which just worked.

In my search for why this was, the great Guillaume Plessis commented on my question and gave me the following link on apt pinning. So i added a few lines in the preferences file and apt-get install now works just as aptitude!

This is also great if you want to run a stable environment but now and then check out the latest and greatest from unstable or testing.

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